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Calculation of payroll and salary payment serves to be one of the mundane yet essential task all employers have to do every month. The process can be further complicated by adding in elements such as commissions, over-time pay, allowances and deductions. This turn out that some local business and even SMEs to outsource their payroll function to external party so that they can focus their resources on other money-making activities (e.g. Sales & Marketing). 

CPF submission is another aspects employer might find difficult to understand. While it is a mandatory scheme drafted by the government, some get confused by the rate to be paid by both parties (i.e. employer & employee) and also other guidelines related. 

JT Tax & Accounting Services (“JT Accounting”) supports employers’ endeavours to process their payroll calculation as well as the submission of CPF to the authority. On top of which, shall employer authorized JT Accounting to do so, we can assist to release the payroll spreadsheet to the appointed bank to process the salary payment every month.


Payroll and CPF Services Provided by JT Accounting
• Review and maintain of payroll-related documents submitted.
• Process gross to net salary calculation applicable to CPF and other contributions.
• Compilation of CPF contributions

• Process expenses claims, bonus and other ad hoc payments.
• Submit salary disbursement data to related Bank.
• Submit detailed payroll report for management’s review.
• Tabulate and submit statutory claims such as National Service (NS), maternity, childcare and other related forms.


Payroll & CPF Services


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Why choose JT Accounting?

When you engage JT Accounting’s service, we will assign a payroll executive to handle all your payroll and CPF duties personally. He/She will review and verify all the documents and information you submitted to us, and update the related to the payroll ledger later on. By the end of every accounting period, we will compile all the data and send over to your company. Subject to your approval and authorization, JT Accounting will submit and process all your salary payment and CPF contribution to the related parties.

In JT Accounting, we support our payroll executives with the latest payroll systems so they can process even the most complicated payroll account.  These executives are often sent to seminars or workshops conducted by Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and CPF so that they are well-equipped with the latest updates by the governing authorities.

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