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Singapore Companies Act requires Singapore companies to appoint a Singapore Company Secretary to comply with ACRA requirements.

Many businesses operating in Singapore had decided to outsource their company secretary duty to third-party. This totally make sense when corporate compliance can be a complicated element to deal with, and might cause trouble when it is not handled by someone who are experienced and undergone proper training.


Being the governing body monitoring the reporting compliance in Singapore, Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (“ACRA”) requires companies to submit their annual reports. In event company failed to observe such requirements, company secretary will be the party ACRA contact for further clarification. Foreign corporate will find it helpful if they work together with an experienced secretarial company in Singapore by the time they start operating in this land. Local business will also find company secretarial service beneficial to them as this ease their routine administrative works.

Company Secretary service provided by JT Accounting
•    Maintain and update Statutory Registers Books
•    Proper-filing of all changes in Statutory Records to ACRA
•    Attending Board of Director Meeting
•    Preparing and taking-minutes for AGMs
•    Safekeep of Company Seal
•    Remind company of Compliance before due date(s) 



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Why choose JT Accounting?

JT Tax & Accounting Services offers competent Company Secretary services to Singapore SMEs for the past few years. We offer qualified, trained and experienced company secretary to support your company's operation with full confidence. This service is available for both local and multinational organizations, and go varies in different sectors.

We often send them to seminars and workshops to ensure we are updated with the latest regulations and technology, so as to respond to the trust given by our loyalty customers. Your satisfaction serves to be our greatest motivation.

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